Thursday, May 29, 2014


This outfit simply resembles to me, like a raven. Don't you agree with me too? haha! :) Today has been a pretty easy-laid-back day for me, compared on the past days. Driving school has kept me tired for the several days. My entire hips down to the legs are damn aching! I swear I feel like I am getting fever anytime. Good thing, today is my rest day from driving. It feels so good to have a nice sleep, and  massage. I am ready for another driving class tomorrow! I need to be up early! I am so freaking nervous! I hope on my 3rd day, there won't be anymore dead/stopping engines haha! 

Wish me luck please!!! :)

top- Landmark
leggings- random
cape- Simone's Closet

and oh in other news... there's a mew/special collection coming out this weekend at Simone's Closet!
Hope you'll be there when we launch it! 

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