Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Simone's Closet at Solar Daybreak

Since 2011 when Simone's Closet started gaining loyal followers, and likings from TV networks. This is the year when several TV shows began featuring our products. The feeling is so surreal, that you are being looked upon by people as something news-worthy, worthy to be shared, a great inspiration to be seen by many. 

Who would have thought that my passion would turn into this. I hardly imagine that we will reach this far, and I am so thankful for all the lovely people who truly believes in us and on what we do. :) 
Moving on to the TV feature, it was supposed to be done last March, but my schedule didn't permit me to do so. Luckily, last April 24, it went through.

I was a bit nervous (akala mo firt time mainterview eh noh haha) because I was informed the interview is live, the problem is, I haven't done any live interviews!!! My gosh! And since Daybreak is an early news program, I needed to wake up early. 

What I did was, I set-up the racks the night before, and woke-up 4am to hang the products. I need to be ready by 6am since the crew is coming by then and I'll be live on TV by 7:30am.

And so I met the host of the segment, Ms. Pia Bolanos, she's so cute and kind that  you would actually feel at ease with her. Our short conversation helped me to warm up and  get ready before we go on live. :)

I was just lucky that Ms. Pia invited Marise to be with me for the entire 5-10minutes of interview. I didn't feel much nervous knowing my daughter is beside me hehe! If you were able to watch, Marise was also interviewed and you know how bibo she was when she answered her!!! galing langs! 

Of course, right after the interview, we had our photo op (souvenir haha) Then I handed Ms. Pia some accessories as souvenir from Simone's Closet! The experience was pretty great, I did well hahaha, kahit na may onting buckles! 

To all those who were able to watch, THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!:) 

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