Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wheel Of Cobwebs

I've been dying to do craft lessons and teach some of my most secret craft strategies, take for instance, proper fabric knotting, the basics of knotting, putting safe and secure locks. But, I think I am not prepared yet. I have to plan that well so I can give knowledge to my students while keeping them enjoying the entire crafting lesson. Being a teacher aint easy ya know?! haha! 

And so while contemplating about it, I continue my crafting skills, by continuously creating new designs. Some of which you have seen already on IG posts, and some of which we are about to sell at the SUPERSTYLE MANILA BAZAAR this May 2-4 at the Metrotent Metrowalk!

Simone's Closet started with fringe necklaces, and with cobweb necklaces only, but hey look at us now, I think we have more than 30 designs already, and some of which have been my clients' faves! 

One of which is our COBWEB NECKLACES, it's simplicity and colorful layering, really can caught someone's attention. It's lightweight yet chunky structure makes it unique to any outfit! It can transform any look instantly! No wonder it's everybody's favorite! 

And so, to those who are waiting for our new cobwebs!!! Finally they arrived and they are back in a colorful spectrum!!! If you want to get first dibs on them, do not forget to drop by this Friday to Sunday at the SUPERSTYLE MANILA BAZAAR in Metrotent Metrowalk!!!:) 

I will be there manning the booth alongside my blogger friends!!! see you there!!!:)

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