Friday, April 25, 2014

Just A Little Me Time

 My me-time is all about crafting. Ever since I started to hold on pencils, crayons, scissors, I knew I have the patience to do whatnots over different materials, and produce a good craft project out them. I just love crafting to the point, where I put it into business. I actually have no idea that I could design accessories. It all came out, due to my passion of upcycling things, and doing "butingtings" haha! And so for almost entire my life, I have been crafting already. 

And those photos above, clearly show my passion for crafting! I do the designs up to material sourcing, up to product shoots, and layouting! Whenever I do all of these, all my stresses are quickly gone! :)  

We are about to launch the BOHO TRIBE collection this May, and we cannot wait to reveal it! :) 
I hope you'll love our sneak peek photos!!!:)

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