Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Beyond The Lines

Tonight I will be sleeping early, well right after this post, for tomorrow's an early call time for me for a live interview for SOLAR DAYBREAK NEWS! I am beyond thrilled to be featured in their morning show. I am so proud of what Simone's Closet has become all throughout the years, that it started to attract TV networks to feature us. Whatever it is that they see from my brand, I am thankful that all of our hardwork are starting to bear fruits. 

I hope I won't buckle up tomorrow! hehe! If you have time, I will be live on air 7:30am at SOLAR TV channel 14 in sky cable! :) 

Wish me luck! :)

denim jacket-thrifted
dress-Simone's Closet
flats- Leaveland
bag- gift from papa


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    1. awww thank you Kei!!!:) Im so touched :) thanks for reading my blog ah :)


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