Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Just Breathe

I have tons of things to thank for this Lenten Season, and one of which is God's continuous guidance over me, Marise, and my business. He never fails to give me what I need, and it always come in the right time. I have been reflecting for days now, why worrying is never a solution to any problem,  It is precisely because of wishing too many things to happen in our own time frame. I have learned to  put all things under God's control, while doing things I can while waiting for His answer. And the formula never failed me. :)

Speaking of formula, there's none to dressing-up haha! I seriously cannot figure out how on earth I am able to assemble an outfit just a few more time before I leave for any occasion. All throughout I just let things flow, and use my mood for the day to come up with my look. And with this, I am able to use almost everything inside my closet. I seldom shop, I have too many clothes already , I just need to mix and match to make several looks. :) 

How you guys doing lately? Are you heading out somewhere? :)

dress- Landmark
denim polo-thrifted
boho crown-Simone's Closet
sandals-The Ramp

PS: These photos were taken last January 2014, that explains why my hair isn't ombre yet. :)

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