Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Inside my Speaking Mind

It is very unlikely for me to make a personal post like this, but because of my unstoppable mind speaking so loud inside me, I'd spill it out.

Okay, a lot of things are happening to me right now, and aside from my "love problems" hehe that I think I am near to discussing here, also, I'd like to tell how I see my life right now.

I remember my talks with my good friend, Bella, about us dreaming of our own house, successful business, and getting almost what we have ever dreamed of. I've realized how getting there is not really easy! Take note, not easy! 

Walang shortcut ika nga! You have to chase the long and winding road til you get there. I sometimes told Bella, it may seem impossible to get to the destination that we like. but you know, I've realized that our imperfect lives right now is actually our success story! Our journey getting to what we have always dreamed of is already a success. Sometimes we coin success as to bigger achievements, but for me I see my failures, my hardships, as a part of my success. It's not only those fancy things, perfect life, that we can truly say we are successful. 

My journey is already my success. Everytime I continue to drive my life through the path, it's an achievement for me. the pauses and the humps and bumps, the rocky roads, it don't matter just as long as I keep moving, I feel successful already. It is in the continuous doing, and your long string of patience and hope, that you can be proud of yourself, enough to say you are SUCCESSFUL. 

you may encounter failures at times, along the way, but that is okay. Akoe nga eh ang dami ng fail moments, but I always bring myself up to continue my journey, Never stop the journey it is much an achievement rather than getting to the destination. It's still how you take the journey that matters after all. It is in surpassing all those failures that you can really say you are SUCCESSFUL! 

I once told Bella, that, in this day and age, people nowadays are much giving importance on outside appearance, material things, and popularity that they tend to forget to be true to themselves and to others, and worse, lose their good values. 

If on the start you see a successful life as these three, then you would most likely to end-up a man with poor values, but richer in material success. I know a few people who measure their lives through amounts of money, number of IG likes, followers, good career, popularity, a bunch of friends, that almost everyday they see it as a measuring tool to their level of success. I mean, WTH! Life in itself is immeasurable, what more for success?? I would never be basing my life through those things, because I am far more beyond that. My success is not solely about achievements it also includes my failures. It is not plainly about my material goasl, bonus n lang un, but it is still how I take the journey of my life, and what kind of a man I become along the way.

Easy or hard, I 'll make sure to become a successful good man along the way. To succeed is to take the journey, fail more, but get -up even more, and earn good values along the way.

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