Thursday, March 27, 2014

You and Me

If there's one thing in this world I wish I could have, is to build my own complete family. I have always dreamed of being a wife with 3 kids and a loving husband. But, I guess not all dreams are meant to happen, perhaps, there's a chance but who knows, probably not. I may not be a wife with a loving husband and 3 kids, but I have my Marise with me whom I can say my family. With us together I already feel complete. It may not be the typical family, but I can say Marise and I are happy. 
As a mother, seeing your child move up little by little closer to her dreams, is nothing but the proudest and happiest moment of my life. Imagine my tears rolling down my eyes while I am watching the entire graduation program. Sorry for the grainy photos, I have yet to ask AGAIN my brother to give me the copies of the photos and videos, so I can share with you how amazing the entire program was. Mejo tamad tong kapatid ko hehe. Anyway, Marise is not your ordinary kid. You can see in her the glow of a witty and charming kid. She never refuses to amuse me. I was shocked to know she will be one of the emcees of the graduation program, and she'll be performing 3 song and dance numbers. WOW! When I was her age, tahimik lang ako, unlike her, she could be a great PR person in the future! She could talk to anybody, to everybody kahit ung pinakamasungit pang guard sa Trinoma haahah! 

Now that it's only us together in this life, I just want Marise to know that no matter how life tries to pull me down, I will never give-up. I can be more than Superwoman or Darna, I can take all the pains of the world, or even carry the heaviest of loads, just to give her the best of life. It won't be easy, I know, but I am more than willing to sacrifice just for her. In time, you'll read this for sure. I want you to know that I am writing this post to shout to the whole world that I am so proud to be your mother. Super haba pa ng tatakbuhin naten together, and I guarantee you I got your back, kahit pa front, at sides mo, even top and under...I GOT YOU MY MARISE!

I understand now why God gave you to me this early, He wants me to be loved and be happy all the time. He wants me to be the best and realize that to be happy, you only need true people that matter to you. You need not to find it anywhere else. That family, is not by the number of family members or whether it'd be composed of a father and mother, but it's with true and genuine love from our hearts that we could actually build a family .:)

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