Monday, March 31, 2014

Desert Moon

The first thign that came into my mind when I was uploading these photos, my blog post for this would be best entitled, DESERT MOON hahha! the background is so much like those drought-y desert. I am so much in love with that grassy picturesque, and golden sunlight! Super perfect on my bohemian wanderlust look! :) And so I googled for the lyrics of Desert  Moon and the first stanza is just so very timing with what I am feeling now! hahaah

But I knew I'd heard that stranger's voice before
I turned to look into her eyes, but she moved away
She was standing in the rain
Trying hard to speak my name
They say first love never runs dry
The waiter poured our memories into tiny cups
We stumbled over words we longed to hear
We talked about the dreams we'd lost, or given up
When a whistle cut the night
And shook silence from our lives
As the last train rolled towards the dune
Those summer nights when we were young
We bragged of things we'd never done
We were dreamers, only dreamers
And in our haste to grow too soon
We left our innocence on Desert Moon
We were dreamers, only dreamers
On Desert Moon, on Desert Moon
On Desert Moon, Desert Moon

EMO?? hahaha! anyways, moving on, I hope you could check out our new uploads at SIMONE'S CLOSET! We've just released the Navajo Collection Part 2! :)

top- Bench
maxi skirt- Simone's Closet
cobweb necklace- Simone's Closet
boho crown- Simone's Closet
bag- DIVI
sandals- Trunkshow

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