Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Summer Casual

Oh how I missed blogging!!! It has been days since my last post! I miss writing in here already! The reason being is that, the whole Simone's Closet team is so busy preparing for our series of Summer bazaars this March! We're working triply hard on this since all our products are made manually. we make everything from scratch so it's quite time consuming. Good thing, today I have a lil bit wee time to post! 

And I am taking this opportunity to invite you all this March 7-9! Simone's Closet will be back to the bazaar scene once again, much more interesting products are waiting for you! So I hope you could come! 

top- Benh
pants- The Ramp
necklcace- Simone's Closet
shoes- tonic

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  1. I like the shoes. :) I wonder what camera lens you are using, nice photos.


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