Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dorothy's Grace

I have been crafting for a total of 10 years already. ever since I knew how to cut and sew, color an sketch, I have been crazy about crafting. But 5 years of that 10 years was all about crafting accessories. I never imagine I will be doing this but I guess I am just destined to do so. 

Last year (a few months ago) when I received a message from a girl named Dorothy,  addressing her love and happiness over my crafting skills, and my products. I am super touched to know that even up to now, random people just keep on sending their sweet messages to me. :) She even let me help her regarding crafting and business matters. I was in hesitant to answer Dorothy since I am not an expert to preach anything. But hey, the least I can do is give her advice basing from what I know and from what I apply on my business. I came to know that Dorothy is also selling her handmade accessories. And I am very pleased to know that she sent me those bohemian chic pieces! 

I've always wanted to share my knowledge about crafting and business even if I am not a business expert. I know that I can be of good inspiration to others. I am actually thinking of putting some crafting 101 posts here on the blog, whatcha think?? :) 

To Dorothy thank you so much for sending over these pieces, and for sending some for my little Marise! I can't wait to wear them on one of my OOTD's! :) I hope those few business and crafting tips I sent you will be able to help you. And good luck to your business and keep on crafting!!! :)

To see more of Dorothy's bohemian chic accessories, visit DOROTHY'S GRACE. :)

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