Friday, December 20, 2013

This Is Me

I hardly miss the days of sharing with you personal posts, and the kwentos of the bazaar I joined recently, but I admit I only have a handful of time to use for my personal blog. If you still does not know, I work for a US company of luxury lingerie and my job really is so to handle all the creative inputs of their blog and social networking sites. Though I work at home, I still can say that most of my time (next to my family) is all dedicated for my work, and my business. It's hard, I must say but when you love what you do, you won't feel the "work" at all.  This explains why I chose to blog about my outfit, rather than the activities that had happened to me. Mas matagal iedit ang pics of my important activities rather than my outfit photos. I don't want to blog about my life happenings, and sound rushing afterwards. 

Swear after all of the things I am working on right now,  I will be back with new blog posts filled with stories! Moving on, let me share a piece of my mind. I hate it when people joke about the others' physical figure. Some would say "ang taba nya" or "ang payat nya". Didn't you know that these could affect the self-esteem of those people? Who has the right to say who is sexy or not? Or to label people of who is fat and is who not? NO ONE. Even those Victoria's Secret Angels has no right to do that. I hate it when the basis of beauty all boils down whether you have a perfect body or not. I was raised by my parents to accept my self despite of me having many flaws on my body. I AM NOT PERFECT. I get it. No one is. And my imperfections clearly show and separates me from the rest. 

I really do not care if I eat all the carbs in the world. Or if I drown myself to sweets. Or if I stuff my mouth with junk foods. As long as I eat what I want, and I am happy, I wouldn't even bother if I gain another 5 pounds or not. Who cares anyway? I can carry myself no matter what. Kainis lang when others are looking trying hard to limit themselves from eating then afterwards feel guilty when they gave in to their cravings. Point is, when you love yourself so much it won't matter if you get fat or not. Because beauty lies from within, and not just because your waist is thin. ya know?? :)

Okay enough of this, gotta go pack my things for tomorrow's ROCKWELL HOLIDAY FAIR! :)

top- Bench
skirt- thrifted
cobweb necklace- Simone's Closet
heels- Trunkshow

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  1. "I hate it when people joke about the others' physical figure."
    It's true!! Sometimes I hate my big-bone structure but somehow you have to learn how to love the skin you're in. :) You are blessed, Ms. Simoune. Stay beautiful and more power to you!

    ♡ Ysabel
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