Thursday, October 17, 2013

Work It!

This was my outfit last Sunday that I had a very hectic schedule! Imagine up early as 5am for an early shoot, head straight to an afternoon shoot, then off to a reunion party at night. I was so damned tired but I feel so complete to accomplish so many things in one day! :) I feel like Wonder Woman for a day haha! So, the story of this outfit is just based on my mood for that day. I just felt like wearing some colorful, and comfy, and that's the result!  I seldom wear heels, but that pair of wedges is so comfy I can wear it for a day! :)

Oh before I forget, I have some announcements to share and perhaps you might be interested with it:

why not try spending your weekends, in a creative fun way, right? :) Try something new! :)

dress as top- Landmark
blazer- thrifted
shorts- Bubbles
wedges- So Fab

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