Monday, October 14, 2013

Safari Military

Hey guys sorry for being MIA for the weekend. I have been super busy arranging stuff for my upcoming collection. And Sunday was spent for a whole day lagare mode. I had 2 sets of photoshoot for Simone's Closet that I am super excited to share with you! I just need to take a little wee bit of rest as I feel little too weak for all the strenuous activities I did on the last two days. 

For now I just wanna share an outfit inspired by the ever effortless outfits of the Olsen twins. Their style is very spontaneous that as if they get out of bed looking like that. They just throw away pieces and MAKE IT WORK. Word. And I think this happens to me too in times when I feel tired of my usual looks. So in this outfit, I just played around with a safari/military hues of green. and black. I felt like a Safari Lady General in this look haha! imbento!

PS: STYLEDOM X SIMONE'S FASHION CLOSET GIVEAWAY is still up! Win one cobweb necklace specially handmade by me and a watch from Fabchic shop! :)

dress- thrifted
vest- random brand
sandals- Trunkshow
cobweb necklace- Simone's Closet

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