Friday, October 11, 2013

A Crafter's Weapon

If you ever wonder how my messy area of crafting looks like? Well I cannot take a good photo of it yet. Since the area is too messy to share haah! So I might as well share some part of it haha! I am in the middle of renovating the house and one of which I am aiming to achieve before the year ends is to make a more conducive and organized space for my work area. Hello, I have 2 tables in my work area: 1 for my office job, and the other one for my crafting. Even though I have 2 tables already, I still find them not enough for my growing needs hahaah! Hence, I bought 2 folding tables pa! I have been planning to make my own with the help of my carpenter, but it just so happen my carpenter is not around so I have to make a way how to make one. God has really good timing, so while I was outside the house, I saw this man with a kariton filled with wood. I was about to ignore it but hey I figured out that those wood, were actually folding tables! Eureka I screamed! The solution to my problem is already answered!

Wonder how much is it? It's only P380, but since I got 2, manong gave it to me for P700 for 2 tables! Such a steal isn't it? The material is palochina (did I spell it right??) and the craftsmanship is really great! Plus I love the raw finish of it, it gave me a new background for my product photos!!! haha!  And oh before this post ends, those materials above are my basic crafting weapons:

-scissors and pliers
-tool box filled with metal parts
- basket full of fabric acceossry pieces I need to assemble
-box filled with beads

I have more crafting weapons actually, but these are just the tools I use most of the time.
Oh the life of a crafter, it seems to get a little messier and messier once you add more crafting weapons, but surely enjoying! :)


  1. whoah, where did you get/buy your crafting weapons? esp the box filled with beads :)

  2. Love this ms Denise! Before fashion, art and crating is my passion too. :) same tayo ng weapon, the only difference might be the cloth that will be necklace and bracelet after.. You're the only one who can make it. :)

    God bless you more and ofcourse Simone's Closet!



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