Sunday, October 6, 2013


Every Sunday it has been a habit of my family to bond, and our favorite, is to eat and play arcade games. I swear in as much as I wanted to capture in photos our game escapades, I just can't haha! I enjoy so much the token games, wherein you could either win more tokens or tickets! I swear we spend 2 hours there just playing around! I guess we already mastered the tricks and the strategies already haha! We are actually teaching Marise to play games fairly, to accept that not all the time you could win, to accept defeat, and to save at the same time. Well to save or should I say earn tickets to be able to claim the toy she's been eyeing on the arcade counter. I can't wait on the next Sunday, we're collecting lotsa and lotsa tickets! I went home today with my handbag filled with tickets hahaha!

moving on, wore my handmade choker necklace today!!! I love the pop of pink!!!:) Outfit photos coming tomorrow!:) 

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