Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Manila Sundance Bazaar

For almost 4 years of joining different bazaars, I never came across to a bazaar as fun as Manila Sundance Bazaar. It suits me well, it suits the hippie bohemian vibes of my Simone's Closet, plus everything is organized. Which you wouldn't see to most bazaar organizers. From the ingress day up to the last day, everything is very well taken cared of.

I have been through different bazaars, but so far, Manila Sundance Bazaar by JC Events has the most outstanding foot traffic I have ever seen, partida pa yan ah, maulan nung weekends. You would really see a lot of people coming in, shopping, and enjoying the moment! Lakas maka-goodvibes lang ng event na ito!

Whenever I join bazaars, I always see to it that the bazaar is fit for my brand. The organizers are very accommodating, plus they should always have that effort to promote the  bazaar and make sure to bring in, if not good, excellent foot traffic. I actually can't wait to join the next bazaar. I hope JC events would produce one again this holidays!!! :)

Moving on, below are the photos I managed to snap on the three days I was there. 


How do you like the new look of Simone's Closet's set-up? Like it? :)  

While roaming around the bazaar, Bella and I was lucky to have been given branded perfumes by Ms. Mai of M SHOPPE. They sell authentic branded perfumes at lower prices. I got the Eclat D' Arpege scent by Lanvin. First time to smell it and I fell in love. My usual scent is Clinique Happy, and looks like I have another favorite scent next to Clinique!!!

First day photo-op with my loves, bella!!! I miss you already! Pede bang kapitbahay na lang tyo??? haha! Bilhin na naten ung condo sa may roces QC hahaha! 
Mesmerized by this huge colorful buntings!!! Added so much hippie appeal to the entire venue!!!
see, the hallway is filled with shoppers!!! :)

met Louie, Bella's friend. Hi Louie!!! It was so nice chatting with you!

Kelly and Chritine paid a visit to our booth too!!! Miss you guys and I hope you loved the accessories!!! :)
Then my good College schoolmates passed by the booth too!!! Hello Noward and Izhay!!! Thanks for shopping some items on my booth!

bumped into my favorite client, Anna! She got another cobweb that day too! :) And hello to your cool boyfriend at the back hahaha!
with Erika (yay I hope I remembered it right), Krissy's friend who bought cobwebs that day and even wore the one she got!!! Super bagay sa outfit!!! Lavet! :) Nice meeting you also!
then with Kirssy this time!!! :) I love your shirt Krissy!
then soul sister, Megann came in the afternoon and with matching same cobweb necklace pa!!! talagang soul sister nga naman kame!!! :) hahaha! See you again soon and please stay longer!!! :)
Next we saw is Ava!!! I have known her for so long and yet she is still that humble, simple and sweet Ava I know! Nothign has changed even if she went so far with blogging! :) That's why Simone's Closet loves you Ava! :) Nice meeting you again!
then before closing time, I bumped to my cousin Gorby!!! So happy to see you again and glad to know you are starting to join bazaars also and do business! I am pretty sure you'll go along way! Patikim ng Gorby's Graham balls, please??!!! :)

Mandatory chorva pose with my mannequin. bilang last day naman na! Bet ko this outfit super!!! :) I just forgot to take some outfit photos lang, so for sure I am gonna wear this again and promise to take some outfit shots!!!

then of course kame namen ni Bellabels this time! How do you like our set-up? :) And oh you like our outfits too??! :)

then Jacqui came around that day made chika chika to the max! I am really looking forward for a special project with Bella soon!!! :) Namiss ko agad ung moments naten sa booth! :)

Last but not the least, finally I met Faith Arciaga one of my followers in instagram, which i follow too!haha! We first I met I guess in Metrotent too, in a summer bazaar I did, I think Solstice yun? tama ba? haha
It was si nice to see you wearing the cobweb necklace!!! I was super touched to see you that night! actually most of the shoppers and loyal clients
who went on the bazaar, they came wearing their cobwebs or their mallow bracelets! Super kakatuwa! :)
I was happy to met your hubby, na super supportive and to your cutie Chloe, na super cutiepie!!! I wish nameet sya ni Marise!
I hope to see you again soon Faith!!! and thanks for shopping new cobwebs too!

To all those who came, shopped, and to those whom I met that day, I am sure you'll read this... THANK YOU THANK YOU SO
MUCH!!! You made the 3-days super fun and memorable! I have been praying that time would get slow so
we could chika more and meet all of you my dear clients.

SEE YOU AGAIN ON MY NEXT BAZAAR ADVENTURE!!! Watch-out for my outfit posts during the bazaar soon! :)
Bella took my photos and I can't wait to see them!!!


  1. awww!! and I love simone's closet back!!:) thank you so much, denise! :) i love what you did to your booth! you are certainly creative :)

  2. So happy for the success of your business, sis! :)


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