Thursday, September 12, 2013

Green Aztec

Finally the photos are here! Oh my how will I start this post. Okay relax. hahaha! These are shots taken by Bella.There's something about the photos that once you look at them, you'll know that they are really a shot of someone who knew the subject so well. Aside from my hubby who always takes my pictures and who always know my angles, Bella also knows how to bring out my true emotion. Never did I imagine that I would be captured by Bella showing my real feelings and not the awkward ones.

It's only with my hubby that I can really pose and emote. But with Bella, tila hinipnotize ata ako at ayan na kinalabasan. Siguro natakot ako sakanya hahaha kaya ayan! But seriously, I love how Bella knows how to explore your different angles and do unconventional shots. The posts I did here are not my usual ones and so nagkaidea tuloy ako what to pose next time when hubby and I go on a shoot again!

Moving on, this was my outfit on the first day of Manila Sundance Bazaar. Hope you like it! 

...and tadah! ang peys ng halimaw sa banga joke lang!!! haha! Infairness I still look cute in here!!! 

How do you like the photos?!! I hope you love it as much as I do!!! :) In case you want to have great OOTD shots like those in the above, do not hesitate to call my good friend, Bella! She'll surely do wonders on you like what she did to me! :) 

like her facebook page here to view her works! :)

dress- random find
cobweb necklace and bohemian crown- Simone's Closet

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