Monday, September 2, 2013

Fringe+ Fringe

The day I wore this outfit, I went out with my family feeling like a zombie. haha! Well, I was really stressed-out with work, plus puyat. In short, I was so numb and crazy mad that day. Good thing hubby knows how to take all those craziness away, he just keep on assuring how everything will be okay. Hugging me and telling me that everything will pass and so as my sumpong. Then he took my outfit photos though at first simangot galore!!!  Then at the middle of the shoot, I just felt light, happy and my sumpong disappeared. And there you go, I just smiled all throughout!!! hahaha parang bata but you know that happens even to you right? You just feel like mad about things because of stress and a lot of thinking. Thank God for family, they just know how to take those negas to happiness!

And oh before I forgot, below is a poster of Simone's Closet. We will be joining the MANILA SUNDANCE BAZAAR, a coachella-themed bazaar for the hippies and bohemians like me!!! It will be this Friday to Sunday so I hope you have the time to be there alright? And don't forget to pass on our booth too mkay??! :) 

 dress- thrifted
vest- thrifted
cobweb necklace- Simone's Closet
sandals- Solemate

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