Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mission 1 : Accomplished!

Remember my posy the other day bout some I wanna accomplish? Finally I was able to scrap one from the list (not bad eh? ) hahaah! I was able to clean my room, throw away things that are not usable anymore. I was also able to clean my shoe rack!!!

Some of the heels and wedges that are unboxed
...and some of the flats and sandals that I use always. 

Swear it's tedious to clean a pair of shoes. It took me 2 hours or so to finish everything. Now my only problem is to how to store the shoes again to avoid them from getting dust. hmmm looks like I am off to do some diy sesh again!!!

Lastly, another mission accomplished, cut and color mix new fabrics!!! One week before the MANILA SUNDANCE I was able to produce a new batch of cobwebs!!! I can't wait to show
some sneak peek to you guys!!! I hope you could come next week! Here's the event banner:

Hope to see you there okay? :) I am off to a day of crafting once again!!!:) 

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