Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Simone's Closet Now Open

It's the first month of the BER months and I am already feeling the spirit of Christmas with the shower of blessings I've been receiving! One of which that I wanted to share with you is that, finally I have a place (a physical shop) to display and sell my items! It may not be as big or designed as I really hoped it'd be, but still I am so thankful for the opportunity! I am already part of Bedazzle Accessories' boutique located at the 3rd floor of University Mall in Taft! 

I don't have yet high-res good quality photos of the shop and my little space, for I haven't gone back to it again.But I promise to do a full virtual tour soon! For now I do hope you'll like the shots taken from my tablet! 

Don't forget to visit okay? If you want to have unique yet affordable gifts, you can go visit Bedazzle Accessories inside the University Mall in Taft. From now on, you'll see our items there too!!!:)

How about you, how's your September? :)


  1. YEHEY! So near samen! :))) Congrats Denise! :))

  2. awww. wow! congrats ate!! :DD



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