Monday, August 12, 2013

Retro Pink

I am goin' retro today! I love pink so much but for a background, at first I thought it won't pass on my standards, but it did actually! I love the effect it gives to the photos! We did this shoot 2 weeks ago in time for Simone's Closet's new collection release this week! Yay! And just to show you some snippets, here are photos of one of my favorite looks on our shoot! Notice the lollipop I am holding? It's a handmade prop along with the other pieces I made just for the shoot like, soda, popcorn, and ice cream. I sketched them on folders and have them hand painted and cut-out! Super love the effect of the props!!!

Speaking of the new collection, below is a poster of what's coming very soon!

I am working out to finish everything and hopefully I could release this weekend online! If not, you can still get first dibs on our newly-crafted pieces this August 17-18 at the Grand Bazaar! We will be having a booth there and I'll be present to man the booth from 10am -9pm! Over 75 pcs of new cobwebs we will be releasing plus new items too!!! :) 


PS: Tomorrow I will be announcing the winner of the HIPPIE BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY! thanks for joining girls!!!

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