Saturday, August 10, 2013

Marise Turns 5!

Being a crafty mommy like me, I can't help but get involved every step of the way in Marise's life. And in her recent birthday party in school, I made sure my crafty hands would get to work! I did the invitation and the theme in a pixie/hippie/crafty party. It means greens and florals, peace signs, and more browny craft papers.
wrote and drew all the thank you tags for the loot bags! Imagine doing 60 pcs by hand!!!whew! :)
Did 3 different set of loot bags:for Marise's classmates, for Marise's schoolmates, and for marise's teachers all wrapped in craft papers and sealed with paper washi tapes!
Tied fabric ribbons for Marise's classmates' loot bags. The fabric ribbons were from my stash of excess fabrics
Did a peace sign sketch for the other batch of loot bags. Super like the  peace sign!!!:)

Hubby, mom and I were seated at the waiting area, while the kids get ready for the party!
And now the party begins!!! 
Luckily on that day, there were 5 kids celebrating their birthdays so it was such a fun filled day full of gifts and cakes!!!
the kids were all alive while performing their favorite song and dance numbers. I can't help but squeal whenever I see Marise participates! She's all grown up!!!

Then it's time for the cake-blowing! 
5 birthday cakes in all!!! wow! Oh the other one's missing haha! 
kids munching on their favorite all-time Jolly spaghetti and chicken joy!

While eating, mom and I grabbed the chance to roam around inside Marise's room to check on her school works. And look what we found...

her compilation of colorful abstract paintings!!!
and her tiny cutie patootie sketch of herself hahaha!

After 3 hours of eating and partying, it's time to go home! But wait, before we let the kids out, we made  sure to hand them the loot bags I made!!! Aww so proud to see them being liked by the kids!!!:) They are wondering what's inside haha!!!

Before we went out for a late lunch feast, Marise had a picture with her best friend, Ysabelle! Aren't they too cute??!!! :)

Then off we go to the nearby Max restaurant in Banawe QC for our late lunch. I was super duper hungry that I ate 2 cups of garlic rice hahaha! I am not dieting so there's nothing to worry about. Besides I love to eat and I am confident that I am beautiful no matter what! :) 

Look who's happy!!! Hahaha! she opened so many gifts that day!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Marise! nakakamangha po un crafts nyo ang galing.. sana ganyan din ako kacreative Ms. Denise! :)

  2. Happy Bday Marise! The classroom seems familiar.. Is she from TLT?

  3. Super effort. I love how you prepared for it. Keep us inspiring Denise! :)



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