Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nautical Parisian

So, I am so excited to show you in a full outfit post my new hair!!! Ya like it??!!! hahahaha! I hope you do as much as I do! I feel so younger by 10years! haha! Thank you Azata Urban Salon for the great digital perm and hair coloring exprience! You always know what I like! :) 

Moving on, wore this outfit yesterday when I went with hubby and Marise on her school field trip at the MV Esparanza ship tour organized by Greenpeace. It was such a fun day despite of the weather being too hot! :) I noticed that my outfit resembles to a Parisian chic outfit and a nautical girl too (well with the stripes) hahaha, hence my post title. :) I have some outfit shots coming next week still in my old hair, so pardon the switch of long hair- short hair blog posts haha! I just felt the need to show you how I like look like in my hair then I' ll be back to blogging my past outfit shots!!! :) 

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