Thursday, July 25, 2013

Strip Steakhouse

Like I told you in this post, we visited Solaire and dined in at Strip Steakhouse. It was my first to go there and I am pretty amazed by how luxurious the place is. Beginning from the patio to the elevator, stairs, restrooms, lounge area, pool area, resto area, everything is in gold, and shiny stones! Plus every flower vase they have there contains fresh and pretty flowers!!! Mind you their restrooms are like a walk-in closet complete with make-up table and comfy posh couches haha!

Moving on, the real story of this post is about  Strip Steakhouse and my heart attack haha! Why? I'll tell you  later on haha!

So we had reservations around 6pm and we were there on time.  Never did I know the place is that formal haha kamusta naman ang outfit kong hippie haha anyways I was with hubby, Marise, hubby's dad, and his Uncle.

trying out the selfie shot haha

checking the menu

Marise is excited to place her orders, kahit na soup and fries lang ang pede sakanya sa menu haha
the sophisticated set-up love the lavender centerpiece! 
Hubby and his uncle
A 14-seater table whaaat?!!! Mind you the entire interior is made with black marble (i think that's marble haha) 

After placing our orders, we were served with these yummy hot breads with 3 different savory butter. It's so yummy that I can actually exchange it for rice haha! 

The bread was served along with this super yummy and creamy clam chowder! Again, I could eat this forever!!! And look at that thinly-sliced crispy bacon, it just melts on your mouth haha! I had 2 bowls of this. Imagine wala pa ako sa main course haha!

And finally!!! There goes my main dish! I haven't eaten a steak in my life seriously, for I am not a meat lover but because hubby wants me to try this I gave it a try! 

So, hubby's dad, hubby's uncle and me had each of this 2 pounds of medium cooked sirloin steak, na super sarap and lambot and yummy too! Thanks to that greasy fatty, but uber yummy bone marrow haha!

Seriously that 2 pound meat is too heavy for my tummy ! I am not yet half-way through it and I am full already. But because I don't waste food and I set good example to Marise, I ate it. Again, I ate it! haha!!! kahit na alam akong malaki na tyan ko haha! 

Meanwhile hubby, ordered this Striploin steak which is bigger than my steak kaya hirap din syang ubusin toh! haha!  His is much more tastier but kind of harder to chew than my slab! 

While eating, I asked for hot water haha for I cannot contain anymore all the grease and fat I am eating and I feel like I am having heart attack any moment. I actually felt heart burns during that time haha! 

But the real reason why I had that "heart attack " is... the bill we paid for the night!!!

 tadah!!! A whooping P12, 407 for a dinner for 5 persons only!!! Imagine that! Good thing I finished everything on my plate kundi sayang ang binayad namen haha!  Thank God for that dinner! The price is worth it in terms of the food, the ambiance, and the superb service they have there! 

So if you plan to try a more luxurious and special dinner with your loved ones, I recommend you to try Strip! You won't regret it! Well, just be ready with the prices they have there! haha! :) 

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