Monday, July 29, 2013


The 80s era is something close to my heart. The life back then, the music, the movies, fashion, all of them. I feel so close to that era and once wished time was stuck there. The denim jacket I am wearing in the photos reminds me of Madonna and the very hit acid wash faded denims during that time plus the solid-colored tights. Well even the pointed flats begun on that era too! 

Anyway, this was my outfit on my mama's birthday celebration last week. It was a gloomy rainy day so I had a chance to put on tights and layer a denim jacket. And to those wondering why I don't change bag, well it's not because I only have one bag, haha (I have many actually and they are eating a lot of space inside my cabinets haha) is because, I am the type who overuses a bag which I find more versatile for my outfits. Plus that Abby Jocson bucket bag is just so sturdy that even after months of overusing it (take note, ipad, dslr, wallet, makeup kit, 2 small bags, inside) still, there's no sign of it tearing apart! Now that's what I call investment! I am actually planning to get another one!!! haha! :)

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dress- thrifted
flats- Leaveland
jacket- thrifted
bag- Abby Jocson

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  1. Love this outfit! I think this will be one of my favorites! :)

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