Monday, July 8, 2013


Don't you think I look like a marionette on the last photo? hahaha! I think so! If I could still remember I love watching a cartoon program with marionettes as the main characters. If I could still remember the title is... SABER MARIONETTE J. Remember that? Lime, Cherry, and Bloodberry? haha! I am such a sucker for cartoons way back my childhood days.

Anyways, this outfit was a super long overdue already! I wore this last May with a meeting and dinner with Bella and Rovie plus our partners! I completely forgot about these photos until I saw them while sorting out pictures. I think I am getting old already to forget things haha! :) 

How's your weekend everyone? :) I am planning to squeeze in a giveaway so stay-tuned! :)

neon tank- Landmark
lace skirt- gift from hubby
denim vest- ukay
cobweb-Simone's Closet
sandals- The Ramp

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