Monday, July 8, 2013

Life lately

So I said yesterday on my facebook account that I am in the mood to blog yesterday, but I clearly had not a single moment to do so. Well, like I always say, weekends are spent for my family. And I cannot just sit on my work table and do my to-do lists while my family keeps on pulling me away and roam somewhere else haha! I just have to give-in on their sweet requests to be with them. :) 

Anyways, last week was a quite busy week, well not as busy as the past few weeks. I joined a bazaar in Intramuros with Bella of LES' MODA. A different venue for us. Then spent that night to celebrate my birthday with friends (will blog about it this week). 

Yesterday I went out the whole day with my family. Had breakfast in Mc Donald's. Swear they have the most delicious fast food breakky!!! Super!!! :) My favorite? Can you guess? :) Then went straight to Robinson's Magnolia for some shopping and bonding, and a super fattening dinner!!! I swear I gained another pound just by munching on a pot of sour and yummy sinigang, lechon kawali, beef tapa, and chicken. Food is really my weakness hahaha! Who isn't right? :)

Today's Monday, and I am off to doing a lot of errands. Manic Monday, yeah, but I'll try to make it fun as possible! :) 

PS: See the last photo? It's a doll house I randomly saw in facebook. I'd rather get that, than the typical all-pink-sosy doll house! :)

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