Monday, June 17, 2013

Proud Momma

I am back with a real-time blog post! I just felt something so special hence I opted to publish this article first amidst the backlogs. :) So earlier today I went to bring Marise to school. It's her first day attending KINDER 1 in a progressive school and I am so glad to know that Marise has no separation anxiety anymore. And because all the mommies of her Marise's classmates are older than me, I'd like to dress-up in a toned-down way but still fashionable for my liking. Thank God for jeans and peplum tops, they go well together! Notice the choker necklace? I recently made it and hopeful we'll be able to launch them anytime soon!

Below are some snapshots earlier at Marise's first day in school!

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH Marise! :) I was actually teary-eyed while taking these photos! You'll know the feeling once you've become a mother. :) One proud momma here! 

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