Thursday, June 13, 2013

How It Is To Be a Writer and a Crafter?

I tell you it's a bit tricky I'll tell you why later on. Well I can also say, it's easy, since I love both ( crafting and writing) but being a creative person/artist, doing a creative job that entails you to squeeze out creative juices, may bring you to a one roller coaster ride. 

The next day you'll wake-up feeling hopeful and inspired to do a lot of things. The feeling of excitement would trick you which of the tasks you like to do first. Whenever I am in this phase, I tend to sleep 4 hours a day. Tila nakainom ako ng energy drink na isang drum. I can work non-stop without standing on my work table. I just want to finish everything on my check list!

photos taken last Karl Edward bazaar. Caught in the act trying a new necklace design while chatting with my saleslady and showing to my hubby in the camera how the necklace looks like when worn.

The next day you'll wake-up feeling blank. As in totally blank and you hardly even know where on earth you'll find some brain to begin with. This tricks me a lot on how to motivate myself and let-out those tamad vibes in me. Ang hirap! Swear! 

I feel like my brain has its own brain. If in times I feel blank, I just have to relax my mind. Turn my computer off, turn on my ipad and play Candy Crush. Eat what I want. Sing if needed. Watch HBO or Star Movies. Anything and everything under the sun just to let those inspiration, motivation, and excitement feeling to come within me. Even if it takes me almost one whole day to spark everything! Once I am there I know I can do almost anything. kahit time pressured pa, nuks! :)

photo taken a year ago at Quezon City Circle

Whenever I feel stressed and depressed, I need my family to pat my back. They can catapult me to a better feeling when times I feel low. Minsan pagbad mood ako, di ako magtatrabaho, buti nalang mabait boss ko in my writing day job. I handle my own time so I am not pressured at all. 

When you are writer, you can not just sit down and write. You need a heart and a working mind to compose an article. When you are a crafter, you need a mind that wanders, a heart that's hopeful, and a pair of hands to weave all the plans you have in mind. In short, maarte ako haha! But seriously, creative people/artists get inspiration mostly form themselves. From what they feel and the experiences they're in. Artists work not by their minds alone, but with their entire personality. Kaya di ako umubra sa office job ko before eh. haha!

at dahil inspired ako today, I was able to edit a sneak peek album of items coming this weekend at Simone's Closet's booth at the Grand bazaar this JUNE15-16!!!


Anybody who can relate to me? haha! :) Now you know how it is to be a weird writer and crafter in one! :)

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