Saturday, June 22, 2013

Business Is A Gamble

photos taken from the Karl Edward bazaar

A lot has been asking me how it is to join a bazaar? Do I earn the profit I want? Do I get to sell everything I bring on the booth? I actually can't give a concrete answer to those as each bazaar is different from each other. I join a bazaar without any guarantee if I''ll earn or not. BUSINESS IS A GAMBLE. 90percent business plan, and 10% luck! 

With my almost 3 years of joining bazaars, I am aware of the feeling I could get after. Expectations are never inside my mind. I enjoy selling and just look after the sales at the end of the day. Karl Edward is a not a good bazaar for Simone's Closet. Target market is not our market, the location is hard to find, plus foot traffic is poor. Of all the bazaars we joined, Karl Edward has the most convenient booth package, rate wise, size wise, and ventilation. 

We may have had a breakeven sales on our 2-day stay, but, we  were still able to instill knowledge in ourselves of what to do next and what to look for on the next bazaar we will be joining. Nonetheless, everything's worth it, I got to spend the days bonding with hubby, Bella, Kevin, and the rest of the gang! :)

see more photos at Simone's Closet

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