Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Real-time Update: Eastwood Bazaar May 16-19

Hi guys! It has been 6 days since my last post and I am dying to share all with you all the backlog posts I was supposed to publish. I am really thankful for having a busy life lately, this only means overflowing opportunities are coming. And just recently, Simone's Closet was able to join again another bazaar in Eastwood and I can't thank enough God that He has given me a very nice booth partner to begin with. 4 days of selling is not an easy task and I am so beyond thrilled to have shared the 4 days with Bella and Kevin of LES MODA. I have known them online, but it was our first to meet personally and bond together. God really knows the right people to share with me. 

I am the most boring person alive, who only have few friends and I can only count them on my fingers. I think my personality is just so weird that I only get to be friends with people  whom I can be myself truly, and Bella and Kevin are some few additional people on my friends list. For 4 days, we share the same passion for DIYs, handmade stuffs, photography, life and kids, career, and business. Imagine, waking-up so early and getting home around 2am in the morning for four straight days? Imagine the body pains, headaches, stress, hunger, and endless perspiration we have to experience for 4 days... but it was all worth it. Not only because we sell a lot, but because we gained friendship, and bonding along the way, and which I think is the most important thing! 

MISS YOU GUYS and looking forward to our next bazaar! :) 

will post photos of our 4-day adventure asap! need to collect photos first :) for the meantime, I hope these instagram photos will suffice :)

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  1. HIHIHIHI! I'm so kilig naman with this post! Sana makapag blog rin ako ng bazaar natin! Hahahaha! Kasi we're busy planning for our next bazaar! Thank God binigyan rin niya kami ng new friends! We're going to sell and bond a lot pa! Sana forever na itong kumikitang kabuhayan natin! 'Til our next bazaar! :*


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