Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pina Colada

Another summer outfit I wore to the beach last April and I only remembered to post the photos now haha! It's really hard to catch up on saving all your photos to an external hard drive when you know you are using 4 different camera memory cards hahahaha! such a pain in the neck!!! The moment I got a little wee bit of time I swear to organize all our family photos and have them printed and compiled! Our family just love pictures and cameras too haha! 

Moving on, don't you just love my shorts? It reminds me of a cold Pina Colada! :)

Have to go, need to get my work stuffs done by 6pm so I can pack my bazaar stuffs for Simone's Closet's Eastwood bazaar adventure. If you got time, visit us tomorrow until Sunday! :)

top- Simone's Closet
shorts- Stand Out
headwrap- Simone's Closet


  1. I loooove your shorts ate! :)


  2. these shorts are wonderful! cute look



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