Tuesday, May 14, 2013


This skirt from Undernourished Manila is just a breath of surprise whenever I wear it. It's my second time to don it and wow people just stare whenever I walk while I am in it. It's because it moves, and flips as I glide and gives you that taray effect as you walk. haha! Wore this to my last day of bazaar in Eastwood and even my clients ask if I sell my skirt, coz if I do, they'll buy it right there and there. But sadly NO. haha! I went back to The Ramp, Trinoma yesterday and asked the saleslady if they still have this skirt ( this one comes in two more colors) but sadly, wala na! huhuhu! Been searching for a skirt like this and I failed. Maybe I'll ask Undernourished Manila if they would make some again haha! 

By the way don't you think this skirt is very much perfect for a Flamenco dance? haha! I feel like dancing (in my dreams haha) 

 shirt- Simone's Closet
cobweb necklace- Simone's Closet
skirt- Undernourished Manila
sandals- The Ramp

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