Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Island

Like I said on my previous posts, I was sifting all the photos we have on our April adventure to an undiscovered island in Batangas. Finally, I was able to pick a few pieces to share with you guys! We have 400 pictures or 500 if I am not mistaken, and posting them all here would surely make your laptops hang to death hahaha! 

We stayed in Batangas for two days and rented a house at Sigayan Bay Bech Resort. I must say the place is really nice, super worth the money plus it's like you brought your house there, complete with every kitchen utensils and appliances that you'll need. 

We were told by the owners of the resort that they offer island hopping to an island that hasn't  been discovered yes. The sea travel by boat took us 10-15 minutes. So imagine how nervous I was haha! I know a few swimming strokes and we were all given life vests, but what makes me afraid of the sea, are sharks! yay! haha! Good thing nothing appeared haha!

So as you can see above, the island is so divine. White sand, super crystal clear water, and lots of white and different sized seashells all over! We so love the rock formations that made me imagine that perhaps during night time, mermaids come to land and sleep on them haha! If only time don't run that fast, I would love to stay there until dawn. 

Til we meet again Happy Island! :)

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