Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Near The Seashore

I am not a swimmer but I know a few strokes haha and up to now after a 3 weeks of visiting this beautiful island, I have been dreaming of going back to that heavenly place once again. I feel like I belong to the sea which made me think if I was once a mermaid on my past life? haha! 

I will be sharing with you a photo diary of our summer getaway this weekend. It's really hard to collect photos especially if you have 3 cameras with you the entire time haha! For now, I hope you enjoy my boring swimming outfit haha! yeah yeah, I know, in as much I'd like to remove my top and bare naked with my swimsuit, I just can't. My conservative self and my conservative dad is stopping me to haha! 

talk to you guys again once I have the photo diary ready! 

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