Tuesday, May 7, 2013

In Time

where's my other foot? waahhh!!!

If you have been following me on instagram you know for sure how tight my schedule was in the past days and as much I am itching to blog about a lot of things, I just can't anymore during weekends. I remember I was only daydreaming of making Simone's Closet big (bazaars here and there, overflowing stocks, getting wholesale clients) and now I can't almost imagine that I am now doing all of them and I cannot be thankful enough for all the blessings God is showering on me. God really has His own time frame and I am just so thankful that He has given me the right time and opportunity to do all of these. 

And because I am super duper busy during the weekends. I will make my blog posts more updated than usual during my weekday posts. If needed, I'll post 2 entries per day just to catch up on things I wanted to share with you all. Plus I am thinking of doing a giveaway to share my blessings to all of you!!! So watch out for that alright?

For now,  I have to leave (again) but will be back in the afternoon for some instagram updates so please do follow me @simonesfashioncloset. I have some photoshoot sessions in the afternoon in preparation of our Mother's day special collection this coming weekends! Watch-out for that okay? I have to rush and get dressed for my early supplies shopping! 

PS: I miss reading your comments guys! :)

top- bazaar
belt- Crave More
cobweb necklace- Simone's Closet
bag-Abby Jocson


  1. I love your top and your necklace! :) And I'm really happy for you with what your shop is getting! God is good! :)))


  2. I love your maxi skirt. :D
    I've been eyeing your collection for several months now in you Facebook page and I'm thinking that if possible, I'd like to buy one from you. Your works are really good and are very unique. I haven't seen anything like it. Keep up the good work dear! You sure are on your way to success. :)



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