Friday, May 3, 2013

Loosen Up

If there's one thing I 've learned from business is that, you cannot always guarantee that you can do all the works by yourself. You need the help of others. Back then I was so stressed whenever bazaars are coming. I am cramming preparing for stocks, set-ups, and even the manning booth. Good thing my life loosens up a bit now that I have 2 trusted helpers to back me up. It was a hard decision at first to take them under your responsibility, but it pays off that I do business not for myself but to also help others. That's why Simone's Closet is now a bit more aggressive to trying out different bazaars. I am quite getting the hang of it and hopefully in time everything would work out fine!

By the way that was my outfit on day 2 bazaar in Eastwood. I needed to wear something to loose so I could open the space much easier and comfier. I am actually thinking to go back to Eastwood again next week! Would you visit me there? :)

Plus, I am inviting you all to visit Simone's Closet at the ALBERGUS EVENTS PLACE in Capitol Hills Qc from 10AM -7PM I will be having a booth there plus awesome new items too!!! see you there alright? :)

top-Simone's Closet
pants- thrifted
sandals- SM dept. store
bag- Abby Jocson
cobweb necklace- Simone's Closet

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