Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Tourist

It has been my dream to visit and travel Paris and Venice. I mean who wouldn't wish to  go there right? They're both a romantic and beautiful place to visit. One of which I envy about Venice in particular, well aside from, the famous gondolas and their clean canals, is the beautiful and vintage-y bricks on their walls, streets and stairs. It's like Intramuros of some sort. So when I got to see these photos, they reminded me of Venice haha! How I wish one day I could go there. :)

On to the outfit, I just felt like wearing something Parisian. Laid-back but chic hence my distressed shorts, striped top and my red blazer and shoes. My outfit matches my background isn't it? I really look like a tourist lost in the middle of Venice haha!

Hope you're having a great day!

top- bazaar find
shorts- DIY
flats- Shoe Gallery
red blazer- thrifted
bag- Tickles

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  1. Love this Parisian ensembles.

    Hope you could visit my blog.
    Adventures of Apple


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