Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Short Story Of My Busy Weekend

Hello! Hello guys! I am back from my weekend hiatus! Please bear with me since this will be happening again on the following weekends until May. Simone's Closet is still half-way through its bazaar adventure, but I do hope you'll just stick with me alright? :) 

Anyways, before I move on with my regular posts (outfit shots, random thoughts, photo diaries etc. ) let me tell you a short story of how my life was this weekend. Thank God for instagram and my ipad, it's easier to snap photos of my thingies hehe, so here you go...
this was the outfit (half outfit) I wore on the 2nd day of BAZAAR FOR ALL SEASON

Knowing that I am a mom, a writer, a blogger, a crafter, a bazaarista all rolled into one, my life is pretty a whirlwind already. Add to that, that I also join bazaars too on the side mas naging whirlwind haha! Whenever I join one, the weeks before it is sure to be a one hell  of a roller coaster ride!!! sleepless nights, meeting with suppliers here and there, crafting sessions til 3am, conceptualizing and crafting even if you're off to doing something (riding a cab, or while taking a coffee break). In short, walang pahinga!

My idea of rest, is me joining bazaars. I get to sit down and observe my co-bazaaristas, analyzing important things which could be a great help for my business, I can do my design sketches, craft while selling, interact with my customers, and most of all, set-up and display my works. I love it whenever I see my handmade masterpieces on such a beautiful set-up!

my neon and silver glittery sandals. Kept me comfy the whole 2nd day of Bazaar For All Season

Yun  lang, I always don't have the chance to take my outfit photos whenever I join bazaars. That no matter how I like the outfit I am wearing, still I always end up, getting none. huhu!!! Why? I just can't leave my booth. Clients come whenever I plan to leave, so I would rather stay instead. BUT don't get me wrong, I love entertaining my clients more than anything else! :)
assisting one of my loyal clients, Karen

Last Sunday, (2nd day of BFAS) I was alone manning my booth, well hubby is busy with his own business, my mom and dad taking care of Marise, and my brother is busy with his work, hence, I took the challenge to be all by myself haha!!! DInumog ako ng tao and shoppers, that even I was so tired and dizzy keri lang magbenta haha! 

Simone's Closet goes to United Kingdom

And so while I was on the bazaar selling, saw this photo on facebook!!! Simone's Closet is finally going to UK!!! For real na talaga!!! I never did imagine I will be getting international clients too! I supply overseas na rin woohoo!!!:) Such a reliever kahit pagod ako. :)THANK GOD FOR ALL THE BLESSINGS!!! 

feel good music is my weakness

And ya wanna know the secret of mine whenever I am swamped with work, no sleep, and stressed with all the bulk orders, online orders, crafting, meetings, and all business and work related stuffs? and still managed to be on poise and in positive vibes always? Well,  I always make sure to be recharged with feel good music! One of which I love listening to is THE WAY YOU MAKE MY FEEL by Michael Jackson. Try it too!!! Make sure to go watch also the video of MJ's live rehearsal. Super galing!!!:) 

vain me while waiting for customers

Of course, dahil mag-isa ako sa booth nung day 2, I had the chance to be vain haha! I was trying to be discreet hence that angle haha!

first day display

entertaining blog readers and shoppers at one time 

On the second day of BFAS, I was surprised to know that my cobwebs were sold-out!!! yay to that! even those stocks I brought ubos din! THANK YOU LORD!!! This may mean another week of crafting, pero keri lang!!! Happy naman ako eh :) 

I am still organizing my sched, my bazaar photos, and outfit photos, and other things, then for sure I will be ready to share a photo diary of the BAZAAR FOR ALL SEASON here! :) Watch-out for that mkay? :) 

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