Friday, April 12, 2013

Navajo + Art Fair

Feeling bohemian again!!! It's summer and there's more reason for me to show-of my boho spirit!!! The moment I got this aztec poncho from my fave ukay shop, I knew I have to get it!!! Been looking for this one for ages and thank God the ukay Gods heard my wish! haha!

top- thrifted
shorts- Landmark
sandals- Jewels

Meanwhile, this weekend, I will be selling at the 10A ALABAMA ARTS AND CRAFTS FAIR we have a special collection of cobwebs coming so don't miss it! 

to know more about the location of the venue, visit 10A ALABAMA for the maps and complete details!

I am rushing now for an event I will be attending with Marise and hubby! Our first to attend a blog event together so it will be fun for sure!!!:) 


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  1. I looove your top! am hoping may mahanap
    ako na kapatid ng top n yan sa ukay2 dito haha


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