Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Some New Things

Okay so I am the most un-shopaholic girl ever in this world! ahaha! I can't do impulse shopping, I can't shop without even thinking 10times if I should buy the item or not. haha! I shop only unless needed haha! This may probably because I was really born to be kuripot haha! Kidding aside, ever since I was a kid I know how to handle money kahit na P2.00 lang yan, I want the most out of my money whether it'd be a big sum of money or just a penny. Businessman thinking talaga haha! The point is, I seldom shop haha!The last time I shopped was weeks ago and the recent things I got were a pair of summer shorts, and a pair of neon sandals! Those sunnies, (I don't buy sunnies haha I usually borrow from hubby since he has a A LOT!) were from my girl friend, Christine Liwag of CRAVE MORE! 

Apparently I am ready to hit the beach! haha! I can't wait to dip in the sea and pick-up shells! haha! By the way, have you gone to the beach already? :) I envy those in my facebook newsfeed, posting their beach trip photos, and their mala-dyosang bikini body haha! I can't wait to hit the beach!!! :)

shorts- Bubbles
sandals- The Ramp
sunnies- gift from Christine Liwag of CRAVE MORE

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  1. Haha! Minsan talaga you have to reward yourself din and these are really great gifts! Love the shorts and sandals! :)



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