Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bazaar For All Season SUMMER EDITION Part 1

Yey! Another photo diary! See I am making up to the days I was gone because of my bazaars hehe! The photos above are just the first part of my BAZAAR FOR ALL SEASON SUMMER EDITION experience! I have more photos coming so I decided to cut them to two parts. 

Moving on, I was there with my co-bloggers ( Bella, Kat, Rhea, Raiza, Christine, Cristina, Bestie, Laureen, and Arnie) for 2 days last April 6-7. I was invited there too last November and never the experience is always worth it and super fun! What else can you ask for when you can get to sell, shop, dine, chat, take pictures with your blogger friends and blog readers, right?! Bongga talaga! Okay I was there as a blogger but since I have no personal items to sell, I brought with me my handmade accessories from Simone's Closet! I brought a plentiful of stuffs as in haha! Thank God that the crowd really appreciated my stuffs that my stocks gone almost empty! Well I have 5 cobwebs left that day and was reserved right away before I went home! yay! Super happy! Well aside from the benta, I was super grateful with the turn-out of the event. Bihira lang ako makakita ng bazaar na ganon kapositive ang vibes. I've been a bazaarista for 2 years and so far, Jewels and the whole BFAS team is the best among all! They're the warmest, kindest, and very professional organizers I have ever met. No bias or joking here. As in! They know how to treat well their concessionaires, they are very much organized, and they really go booth by booth while the bazaar is on-going just to check if you're okay or if you need anything else. Plus, the foot traffic is SUPER TWO THUMBS UP!!! Daming tao! :) What I admire most is despite of them being tired, they did not forget to thank their concessionaires and give them their warmest smiles before leaving! SUPER ENJOY TO THE MAX! There may be slight flaws (which I think really happens) but they handled the situations very well! 

I am sure to support them on their next leg!!! :) I heard they're doing the next BFAS on August 31- September 1! :) Yay! Can't wait!

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