Saturday, April 20, 2013

Maroon +Neon

Hey guys! While I am typing this I am dreaming of a 1 liter can of cheese and strawberry ice cream, the heat is becoming really unbearable! My migraine starts to get even worse. waaahh I just wish I live next to the beach or a pool, so I could just dive-in the moment the heat starts to attack! haha!

Anyway, this was the outfit I wore on the SM Kids Launch I attended with Marise and hubby last week. I will be sharing with you my experience tomorrow on my blog post! Don't you just love the color combination of the outfit? it reminds me of grapes and cheese haha! I love how maroon blended so well with neon yellow! :) 

I've been wearing dresses, skirts, and shorts lately. Those are the stuffs I really can be comfy with right now. Sa sobrang init I can no longer wear leggings, or jeans. :) 

How are you doing so far? :) I will be taking this day to do new stuffs for Simone's Closet. I am actually thinking of getting a space in eastwood next week for a bazaar, should I go or should I not? :)

dress- thrifted
denim vest- thrifted
sandals- The Ramp
necklace- Simone's Closet
bag- Abby Jocson

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