Friday, April 19, 2013

After Beach Look

Hey guys! I am back from the beach! I super enjoyed swimming, taking photos, collecting shells, eating, and building sand castles for 2 days! I didn't bother anymore if I get a bit dark all that matters to me is to make the most out of my idle/rest time! I deserve it naman  right? haha! I work super hard but just took 2 days to rest and I am glad that I spent it to do all the relaxation activities I need. So the photos above, shows my outfit yesterday when I arrived in Manila. As you can see I got tan skin haha! Summer is my favorite time of the year next to Christmas for I can all be a full-pledged bohemian in my outfits! If ever I'll be attending Coachella, I will wear this exact same outfit, then add on a hat and pile-on more bangles!!!

I am excited to share with you my beach photo diary! I just have to collect photos from the 4 cameras we have on those days haha! 

I miss the beach already! I am planning to go to the beach again before Marise go back to school this June!

neon top- Landmark
shorts- Bubbles
slippers- Landmark
bag charm- braided chord from Simone's Closet

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