Monday, April 22, 2013

SM Kids Launch

First of all, I would like to thank Krissy for inviting my family weeks ago on the SM Kids launch, we really did enjoy the super colorful, summer-y, and fun afternoon at the Dusit Hotel pool area! Aside from enjoying the yummy food, the short styling session, and my chit chats with my fellow bloggers, Marise was able to play around with other kids too, and finally she met Athan na! :)

Okay, there's one thing I am guilty of, and that is, I shop for Marise's wardrobe. Ever since I was a kid, I have been an SM kiddo! SM department store is one of the reasons why I have a deep love for fashion. My dad is actually the brain behind all of my fasyon kiddo outfits. Sya talaga namimili ng isusuot ko, and our go-to shopping venue, is always SM department store. 

Now that I have my own kiddo to dress-up, it's still SM kids department store, is our shopping haven! I want Marise to enjoy wearing colors, prints, tutus, skirts, and all the trendy outfits I was not able to enjoy back then. Aminin, those kids' clothes sold in the department stores during the early 90s, ay di ganon ka-trendy as compared today. And whenever I bring Marise to SM department store, our eyes pop with all those wide selection of super duper fashionable clothes! I remember I told myself, sana may pang-mommy version haha! And see those two outfits Marise are wearing in the photos? They're all from SM kids section!!! Super cute right?!

I bet to all the mommies out there, you squeal and giggle whenever you see your daughters walking in such adorable and fashionable outfits, right?!  I know because I am guilty of it! So the next time you do your shopping for your kids, be sure to do it the most fashionable kiddo department store, SM Kids! 

special thanks to ARC PR for the invite. :)

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  1. kamusta naman yung hair ko?? ahahaha!:)) fly awaaaay! SO happy nagkita na sila marise and athan!:D


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