Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Butterfly In My Stomach

There's one thing I love about these photos, the backdrop is monochromatic, paving the way for my colorful dress to stand-out! This is the outfit I wore on the first day of the 10A Alabama Arts and Crafts fair.  I love maxis so you will be seeing me more in this plus shorts and dresses haha! It's easier for me to move in a maxi dress whenever I join bazaars. Keri kahit magbuhat ng boxes and magin amazona with of course looking fab and fashionable. Good thing my closet never runs out of maxis haha!

Before I end this post, I need your help, I am quite nervous for a big bazaar Simone's Closet will be joining tomorrow until Sunday. I hope you could include us in your prayers. It's our first to join the Eastwood bazaar so if you have the time, would you mind check us out? I will be there for 4 days to man the booth along with Bedazzle Accessories, and Lovenikita! 

Yay for opportunities! But nay for my nervousness haha! Aja!

dress- Jellybean
cobweb necklace- Simone's Closet
sandals- SM department store
bag- Abby Joscon

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