Wednesday, April 24, 2013

10A Alabama Arts & Crafts Fair



If there's a bazaar that's close to my heart, it's 10A ALABAMA arts and crafts fair. It feels like home to be there. You feel at ease and happy. I tend to reunite with my co-crafter friends, and chat about endless possibilities in crafting. The buying crowd is really into handmade stuffs they really appreciate works unlike those crowds of buyers I have seen in other bazaars, some mock your work or make jokes out of it but it's okay kahit na may onting ouch sa heart haha!

Never did I imagine that a small and hidden place like Alabama would be that crowded for the two days that I was there. It feels so happy to see people smiling and loving your masterpiece. Shopping your items and hear good praises. It may be a two-day tiring and perspiring day, but all is really worth it. 

I never had the chance to roam around, and take pictures, but I am pretty sure there will be more Arts and Crafts fair coming! To all those who dropped by my booth, said their hi's and hello's and of course to those who shopped my cobwebs and accessories, a big big thank you!!! Until the next 10A Alabama Arts and Crafts fair! 

to see more pictures, I'll post soon on Simone's Closet facebook page!

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