Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stripe It All Away

top- DIVI / leggings- Simone's Closet / fabric bangle- Simone's Closet / blazer- SM Dept. store / flats- Landmark

Let us have a game, can you name one more clothing piece in this outfit with vertical stripes too? Well expect for the obvious, the leggings :)  Can you spot it???

Anyways, this was what I wore to a family lunch date weeks ago. Normally when my papa is around and we're about to go somewhere else, I have to be Flash (fastest) when dressing-up. I can't have the luxury of time to think or to do layerings as I am sometimes doing, or else, maiiwanan ako sa lakad namen. Infair, lahat sila ang bibilis magbihis, ako, it takes me 30 minutes to 45 minutes before I can get out of the house haha! This outfit is one of those "Flash" moments! In 5 minutes I was able to pick my outfit! Nuks! Yon lang I forgot to put accessories, just a fabric bangle, and my lucky beaded bracelets. :)

How's your day so far? Hope you're doing fine!!!

PS: I've updated the WEAR YOUR HEART OUT COLLECTION albums! I uploaded those available items and I put them on one folder, check 'em out here: 


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