Monday, March 4, 2013

Super Print On Print

Never tried to wear this extreme pairing of two clashing prints together, but glad I just did and I felt so happy to assemble this one in just 3 minutes! Yes I timed myself, for no particular reasons, but I just did haha! It doesn't hurt at all to atleast try new thing when dressing-up for you could discover an outfit you would never think of wearing , just like this one. 

The  trick to wearing print on print is to pick printed pieces that are total opposite, one being the less attention-getting, and the other being the super stand-out print. So the moment you wear them together, everything just balances off! And make sure you wear a solid belt on the waist,  or shoes, to break the busy patterns! :)

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top- thrifted
pants- mom's 
flats- Leaveland


  1. smartly styled…pairing a really bold printed top with the bottoms that have smaller prints. <3 love it!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream | a cebuana's personal style blog ♥

  2. Love the print on print combo but I especially adore the pants!!



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